Rosastays Karwaan - Easily the Best Place to Stay in Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer, often referred to as the ‘Golden City’, is a captivating desert town located in the Indian state of Rajasthan. Known for its stunning yellow sandstone architecture and rich history, Jaisalmer is a major tourist destination and a hub of culture and heritage. Whether visitors are exploring the Golden Fort, marvelling at the ornate havelis, or venturing into the mesmerizing desert landscape, they will find Jaisalmer to be a city that offers a blend of history, culture, and natural beauty. With its warm and welcoming atmosphere, Jaisalmer is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits.

While there are several hotels and motels for travellers, ranging from luxurious boutique hotels, budget-friendly hotels, and desert camps, one of the best places to stay in Jaisalmer is Rosastays Karwaan.

Indulge in opulent living at the magnificent desert resort nestled on the golden sand dunes of Jaisalmer. Travel to this haven is convenient with Jaisalmer Airport just 50 km away and Jodhpur Airport situated 320 km from the resort. Experience a regal arrival at the impressive fort-like entrance, where traditional hospitality awaits you. It is quite easily one of the best places to stay in Jaisalmer.

Lavish options such as plush tented camps, cottages, villas, and even a treehouse offer a variety of luxurious accommodations to choose from. The city's only infinity swimming pool adds to the exclusivity and charm of your stay. Enjoy a magical dinner on the dunes under a starry sky, complemented by enchanting Kalbeliya performances—your wish becomes reality in this serene, desert oasis.

Embark on a delightful culinary journey during your stay at Karwaan, Jaisalmer. Food enthusiasts will find a special experience at the on-site restaurant, Mehfils. Indulge in the deep, smoky tastes of traditional Rajasthani cuisine, meticulously slow-cooked in earthen clay pots, or savour the comforting familiarity of European dishes prepared to your preferences. For the younger guests, the restaurant caters to their tastes with beloved dishes served in child-friendly portions.

The resort provides a range of luxurious accommodations. Each room comes equipped with king-size beds, dedicated work desks, and comfortable sitting areas. The ensuite bathrooms are designed with modern fixtures and come with plush bathrobes and premium toiletries.

The resort features two spacious cottages that each span 700 square feet, providing a comfortable and luxurious retreat for two adults and two children. These cottages are thoughtfully designed with elegant monochrome tiles on the floors, creating a clean and sophisticated backdrop. The interiors are tastefully decorated with vintage-inspired accessories and lively artwork, infusing the space with charm and character. The cottages offer a serene and private atmosphere, ensuring a restful stay. Guests can enjoy a separate sitting area for relaxation, as well as a king-size bed for a restful night's sleep. The décor blends traditional aesthetics with modern comfort, offering an ambiance that is both welcoming and stylish. Whether you seek a tranquil escape or a base for exploring the surrounding desert, the cottages provide a cozy and well-appointed haven for your stay.

Before planning your stay in Jaisalmer, look up Rosastays Karwaan, the best place to stay in Jaisalmer to enjoy a memorable stay in the Golden City.