Soak into Kumaoni vibes in the breathtaking hills of Nainital

Nainital, the city of lakes, is one of India's most flamboyant tourist destinations. The best travel destination in all weather conditions, Nainital is an escape from the prickling heat, a peaceful getaway for fall, and the best place to catch a glimpse of snow in winters. But there is more to Nainital than just the famous lake, mall road and hilly range. The culture, food, people, and history are something that one can never miss experiencing. Visit Nainital to have the best vacation and discover the hidden Kumaoni culture with Bungalow, Jeolikote.

Nainital is a wholesome holiday destination worth visiting with family and friends. There's a lot to explore and do around Nainital; one will never get bored. The best way to explore the true authentic culture of Nainital is to live in the heart of the place, which in itself is the epitome of the region. One such location is a homestay in Nainital, Bungalow, Jeolikote. Bungalow, Jeolikote is heaven in spirit, set in the lap of nature, surrounded by trees and beautiful valleys.

Bara Bungalow, Jeolikote

There is a lot to do around the place, and Bungalow is the perfect destination for tourists to explore the locale of Nainital. Experience the breath-taking beauty and view of the mountains and pine trees around the Bungalow, sit on the balcony and sip the hot chocolate and enjoy the picturesque scenery in the warm company of your friends and family. One can plan a riverside brunch or picnics with their families or can plan a day to visit the hidden beehive farms, something that one will never find in the main cities.

Baungalow, Jeolikote is one of the best homestays in Nainital. Built with the inspiration of Kumaoni culture, a red-roofed Kipling-era centenarian cottage with fairytale ivy-draped walls and soothing Sheesham wood flooring will give you a vibe of a home away from your home. Apart from appreciating the beauty and enjoying the quiet at this place, Bungalow offers many activities for couples, families, and friends. Newlywed couples can enjoy their time with dinner under the bed of stars or enjoy their late-night bonfire. Families can play board games on the balcony, enjoy each other's company around the bonfire with music, explore the gardening sessions and the very fun cooking sessions with the best culinary experts of Nainital. Families with children can always be joyous here.

Around the place

Nainital's most visited tourist attraction is the lake. Every tourist makes it a point to go out boating whenever visiting the lake. Apart from the lake, many adventure lovers go around the place on foot and make the best of these treks. Located 6 km away from the main city of Nainital is the breathtaking view of Trek lovers never miss this view. Next to this location is Mukteshwar, a place famous for its treks and camping but most importantly the heritage and history it holds. Every tourist should go up the mountains and visit the 350-year old Shiva Temple, which is historical and one of the holiest places in India.

Wooden Interiors and Cosy Rooms

Bungalow, Jeolikote is built with Sheesham wood flooring and has a vintage touch to the whole ambience. The Likhai doors and windows complement the whole interior and furnishing. The boutique home has six large bedrooms with comfortable queen size takhat beds, cosy fireplace, handmade wardrobes, and vintage furniture. These rooms offer the best privacy, and a lounge area is a welcoming place for everyone to have a good time together. Cosy up in these rooms with your favourite book or sit in the lounge with your family and friends to enjoy the ambience of the place.

As the name suggests, Bungalow makes sure that its guests never feel homesick and get the best service. The boutique home offers turndown services like hot water bottles to keep you warm, soaked almonds in the night or the morning, and a jar of organic honey to taste and relish.

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Dining Room

If you want to eat authentic local food and your kids want to get their favourite pizzas or fast food, then everyone will get to experience the best cuisines, all in one place. The in-house dining room offers the best flavourful Kumaoni food and the continental menu. All the dishes are prepared with organic ingredients, healthy for all. The speciality of the in-house diner is the Pahadi Mutton Curry which every guest should try.

Take your next vacation to the hills of Kumaon and experience the best of Nainital at Bungalow, Jeolikote, a Homestay Nainital.

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