International Partner Homes

Our International Partner Homes are spread across a meticulously-curated global portfolio of close to 300 plus homes. Our Homes transcend beauty to offer personally tailored services such as dining, personal concierge etc and unparalleled local experiences that leave lasting memories.


BALI International Partner Homes


On the island of the gods, where heaven meets earth, the phrase 'holiday in paradise' truly comes to life. What better way to enjoy the island than in the supreme comfort of a luxury villa in Bali?

LOMBOK International Partner Homes


While not as famous as neighbouring Bali, Lombok is a paradise of unsurpassed natural beauty; from the coral-fringed Gili islands, home to sea turtles and exotic fish, to vast white sand beaches, spectacular surf and soaring volcanic peaks.

NUSA LEMBONGAN International Partner Homes


An idyllic hamlet close to Bali, Nusa Lembongan will make your island vacation dreams come true. Accessible via boat from mainland Bali, the island is home to a small, exclusive community of private residences and rental villas.

PHUKET International Partner Homes


Since the discovery of Phuket and its magnificent white-sand beaches by travellers in the hippie-trail halcyon days, the Thai island has emerged as a preferred holiday haven for the delights of yacht cruising, diving, surfing..

KOH SAMUI International Partner Homes


Koh Samui was once an island of fisherfolk and it still retains the laid-back atmosphere of a simple society, a relaxed and relaxing aura that makes for the perfect holiday. Laze away the days on perfect beaches with crystal...

Sri Lanka International Partner Homes

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is one of the Indian Ocean's rising stars – a magically diverse island whose vast variety of beaches, mountains, national parks, ancient ruins and colonial forts defy its relatively small land area...

Maldives International Partner Homes


The island atolls of the Maldives set the scene for a too-good-to-be-true tropical holiday, with breathtaking aquamarine lagoons encircled by soft white sand beaches and coral reefs brimming with iridescent ocean life...

Japan International Partner Homes


High-tech megacities, stunning countryside and incredible mountain ranges – Japan is a magical place to behold at any time of the year. The Land of the Rising Sun’s rich history and ceremonial traditions, along with its dreamy...