Partner Homes Maya Garh - Rooms

Maha Maya Villas

Maha Maya villas on the ground floor are laid out over 1250-1800 square feet and are designed to accommodate two and two children. Each of the 5 villas is fitted with a private pool and sit-out. Choose from desert or garden views.

Moh Maya Terrace Villas

Moh Maya terrace villas are spread over 1250-1500 square feet, enough to accommodate two adults and one child. Each of the 3 villas has a private terrace fitted with a jacuzzi. Bathrooms have Victorian bathtubs with rain showers. Book these villas for their cosy fireplaces.

Noor Maya Terrace Villas

The Noor Maya terrace villas occupy 1250 square feet and come with views of the desert or the open fields. Each of the 2 villas has a private balcony with a sitting area and table.